Successful design requires the combining of technical expertise, experience and creativity in the context of close collaboration with the project Owner and Design Team - these are exercised in the following three tasks:



Our first task is to “navigate” the Client through the vast myriad of options, choices and alternatives by presenting clear, concise and understandable information that may be required to render technical decisions – or more simply – providing “straight answers”. Although there may be many possible design alternatives we believe that there is always a “best case” design solution for each unique project. Our goal is to collaboratively navigate to that solution with the Client so as to provide the highest possible Client confidence that all reasonable alternatives have been assessed and evaluated and the concluding solution provides the greatest project value. This process is critically important – the best project documentation and the best construction will not resolve a poorly conceived design.


The second task is to translate the design solution into clear, concise and complete documentation without ambiguous language. Construction documents are our means of communicating the design to the construction team. We have been told many times that Contractors prefer to bid and construct our projects since our documents are consistently thorough and complete.


The third task of the MEP-FP Consulting Engineer is to support the Construction Team in terms of clarifying and interpreting the design and support the Owner in terms of working toward establishing the closest possible relationship between the documents and the construction. Again – the best design and documentation will be without meaning if the Construction Team is not given the necessary direction or if field changes and substitutions that detract from the project intent are permitted.

Close attention to and diligence within these tasks is the mechanism by which a MEP-FP Consulting Engineer’s participation brings value to a project.



  • Principal Involvement in all Projects
  • Varied Project Experience
  • Ability to “Think Outside of the Box”
  • Thoroughness
  • Collaborative Mindset
  • Cost Control Sensitivity
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to Produce on Schedule