our design philosophy:


Successful building design, in terms of Client satisfaction, requires the combining of technical expertise, experience and creativity in the context of close collaboration with team members. 

It is the first task of the MEP Consulting Engineer to "navigate" the Client through the vast myriad of options, choices, and alternatives in applying Mechanical and Electrical building systems by continually evaluating and advising in a way that the Client can best understand. It is through this "consultation" that the Engineer assists the Client in the decision making process in such a way so as to provide the highest level of confidence in the design solutions to be employed.

The second task is to translate these design solutions into clear, concise and complete documentation devoid of ambiguous language. The construction documents package is our means of communicating the design conceived to the construction team. We have been told countless times by construction firms and tradesmen that they prefer to bid and construct projects designed and documented by our firm for exactly that reason - well prepared documents provide less risk for all concerned and result in high client satisfaction. 

The third task of the MEP Consulting Engineer is to work toward establishing the closest possible relationship between the design presented in the documents and the actual built construction. The Engineer accomplishes this by clarifying and interpreting the design in support of the Construction Team, observing the progress of the construction from start through final punch list and close-out, and reviewing shop and installation drawings.

Close attention to and the highest level of diligence within these tasks is the mechanism by which a MEP Consulting Engineer's participation brings value to a project.